What are the methods of use of the system?

The systems are designed and built to respond efficiently to the customer’s broadest use needs.

In the case of public / private hospitals, the systems operate on average 6/8 hours a day in an interval between 250 and 300 days / year; the timing varies according to the production of waste to be treated.

On the other hand, for waste collection and disposal companies, the plant is used to its full capacity for 365 days / year; the stops occur only during scheduled maintenance operations.

What is their life cycle?

The systems have a life span of not less than 15 years if the EcoSyst prescriptions are respected and under a maintenance contract.

Is the technology reliable?

Sterilization with steam treatment is the method that guarantees the best results, as an opinion issued by the ISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), after the test performed for validation in accordance with the provisions of the UNI 10384/94 standard. , carried out by the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology of the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”.

Furthermore, our long experience in the field and the constant Research and Development work has allowed us to constantly refine and implement the technology to make it reliable and safe.

Does it have an impact on the environment?

Technical checks were carried out on the technology relating to the dust abatement systems supplied to the plants.

The tests were carried out in order to be able to assess the consistency of the emissions downstream of the abatement systems and possibly to be able to exclude the use of their conveyance into the atmosphere.

The outflows from the filtration systems are constantly monitored by an analyzer, guaranteeing zero emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

What are the payment conditions?

Most orders are subject to a 40% down payment.

All international orders are to be paid by letter of credit or bank transfer which must be resolved before proceeding with the shipment of the system.

What are the shipping methods of the system?

The plant fits two (2) 40 ‘containers (Open Top).

What are the delivery and shipping times?

The delivery time varies from 16 to 24 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of the down payment paid. Delivery times can be reduced if there is immediate availability of a plant in the company. The installation, barring unforeseen circumstances, is carried out in 48 hours. Our team will remain on site with a mobile workshop at your premises to complete the installation, commissioning, testing and validation phases of the system in order to ensure operational start-up in a short time. In this process, a specific training course is carried out for operating the plant with maximum efficiency and in compliance with regulatory and safety requirements.

Our technicians will return in a second phase for more advanced training.

How can I maintain the system?

Eco.system, after each installation, provides detailed information to the operator regarding management and maintenance.

In addition, we offer service contracts for scheduled routine maintenance, as well as a remote management service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our technicians are able to monitor your ECOSYST system and make the required changes also from our central office.